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Who are we?

WCCR Purdue Student Radio is one of the oldest student organizations and one of the original student radio stations in the Big Ten established in 1952. Located in the northwest basement of Cary Quad, we host over 40 online shows.
Our programs vary from alternative, hip hop, EDM, talk shows, and many more. 


For more than a half-century, WCCR took to the airwaves at 90.1 CaFM, a low-frequency local signal broadcast from a tower atop the residence hall. It was also a part of the former Purdue Radio Network, which for a time ran programming from nearly all of the residence halls. WCCR switched to an Internet radio format in 2005, increasing the station's reach and allowing listeners to stream a higher-quality feed of its programming. We currently stream live, 24/7 through TuneIn Radio. You can click the box on our 'Home' page to listen or this link


We have multiple committees within WCCR. Students can become show hosts, join our Public Relations, Concert Coordinating or Tech team, or become a mobile DJ. Besides broadcasting weekly shows, our members have had the opportunity to interview multiple local artists, DJ events around campus, had local artists perform on their show, and organize our an annual free spring concert 'Rock the Quad'. Though we are based in Cary Quad, we are an open club! To join, search us on or visit our contact us page for more information about our Executive Board or email

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